Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Screen Printing - Useful Precautions For Companies To Take


At some point, your company may decide to sell custom long-sleeve t-shirts for the colder months. You can use these shirts as a way to promote and increase sales. Just make sure you remember these screen printing tips.

Create Quality Graphics

The first thing you need to focus on is developing graphics that you'll transfer onto your long-sleeve t-shirts. You have limitless options, but since these shirts represent your company, think about images and sayings that align with your company's vision and services.

For instance, if your company sells cleaning products to customers, you would want your graphics to have a cleaning-related theme. Also, try creating a recognizable logo to transfer onto your custom long-sleeve shirts. A well-designed logo is instrumental in building a brand. 

Invest in a Screen Printing Press

If you plan to perform screen printing yourself, the first piece of equipment to get is a screen printing press. With a press, you can transfer any graphic to compatible materials like cotton and polyester.

How do you know which press to purchase though? It depends on a couple of factors, such as your budget, printing volume, and available space. Look over these specs carefully until you find a press that serves your printing operations long-term. 

Receive Training on Screen Printing

If you've never used a screen printing press before, it's instrumental to receive formal training. Without it, you would find it difficult to safely work with the press and get quality custom t-shirts.

You can go through screen printing training online or take a class in person. Either way, you'll learn valuable things like the makeup of your particular press, how to set it up, materials it's compatible with, and ways to maintain it. 

Create Samples 

Before creating a bunch of custom-printed long-sleeve shirts for your company, make a couple of samples with a screen printing press. After all, you must ensure your designs are readable and the colors pop how you want them to.

Once you have a couple of shirts with custom graphics, look them over in great detail. Pay attention to the shirts' quality, style, and overall visuals. If you're happy with what you achieved, you can proceed with large-volume printing. 

Screen printing allows you to customize long-sleeve t-shirts in distinct ways. As long as you invest in the correct printing press, know how to use it, and refine your designs, screen printing will lead to dynamic long-sleeve shirts your customers want.

For more information, contact a Dri-Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt screen printing company near you.


18 July 2023

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Hello, I'm Cass O'Connell. In an effort to maintain a decent sized customer base, I always send out flyers to new areas around my region. I pick the areas according to the demographic description provided by my state. I have a specific range of customers I want to attract. The flyers I use are printed by a professional company that offers a wide variety of paper and ink types. The flyers are also designed by that same entity. All of the artwork used on the flyers beautifully encapsulates the purpose of my company. I would like to share my experience with using printing services for my flyer needs. I will talk about the materials, tools and techniques used to print my flyers. Thank you.