Three Tips For Getting The Most From Your Vinyl Sign

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Signs are one of the most affordable and effective ways of advertising your business. In particular, vinyl is a common material to use in these signs due to its affordability and durability. Yet, these signs will still require some regular care to keep them in good condition. To this end, you will want to be mindful of these three vinyl sign tips. Properly Store The Sign When Not Using It During times when you are not using your sign, you will need to make sure that you are properly storing it. Some business owners may fail to appreciate the various hazards that these signs can encounter. For example, if you make the mistake of storing the sign in a dark and damp location, it can be possible for various molds and mildew to start growing. In addition to storing the sign in a dry location, you will also want to ensure that you are removing it from storage every couple of months to inspect it for these problems so that they can be addressed before the sign is permanently ruined. Securely Position The Sign When you are putting the sign up, you need to make sure that you are positioning it in a secure location. More precisely, you may want to position the sign so that its back is as close as possible to your building. If you place the sign in a location where there is nothing blocking the wind from the back, the sign may act as a sail when strong gusts of wind move through your area, which can cause the sign to rip and tear. Regularly Wash The Sign When you have your sign on display, you should make sure to rinse it off every few weeks. It can be possible for substantial amounts of dust and dirt to gather on the sign. These substances can make the sign difficult to read, and they can also leave fairly noticeable scratches on it. By rinsing the sign with water, you can avoid these issues. However, you should avoid most cleaning solutions, as these substances may cause the vinyl sign to become discolored. Investing in a vinyl sign for your business can be a great way of attracting customers without needing to have a large advertising budget. By making sure that you are aware of the steps needed to properly store these signs, minimize wind damage and clean them, you can help ensure that your vinyl sign lasts for many years to come. For more information on vinyl signs, contact a company like R & L Press...

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Three Uses For Matte-Laminated Eurototes (AKA, Gift Bags)

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When you change the name of a product, consumers are often confused. They may be looking for one product (e.g., gift bags) and be directed toward another (e.g., “Eurototes”). While the moniker “Eurototes” understandably elevates this basic paper product from a decorative paper bag to something more, it leaves consumers like yourself wondering what you can use Eurototes for. In addition to this new conundrum, many Eurototes are imprinted with business names, such a chocolate shops and lingerie stores, leaving you a little more confused about what to use the bags for after you have brought products home in them. Here are a few uses for these bags after you have acquired them from previous purchases. Reuse Them for the Stores You Frequent When you shop a certain store often, such as a chocolate shop, you may end up with several of these Eurototes. Rather than continue to accumulate them, take one or more back with you to the same store when you know you will be shopping there again. Many grocery stores support the reuse of canvas, paper, or plastic grocery bags, so it is not unusual to be reusing the bags you get. Use Them for Their Original Purpose–Gift Bags Most of these Eurototes are made of the same papers and cardstock as gift bags you buy at a card shop. You can repurpose the Eurototes for their original purpose as gift bags. If you already use these items to give gifts from the shops imprinted on the bags, then it is not a far stretch to just use the bags for gifts not bought or sold at the stores on the bags. If you are concerned that the receiver of the gift may think that your gift came from that store, you can always turn a Eurotote inside out so that the colors, patterns and store labels are inside the bag and a plain white bag (or other solid color) is now on the outside. Toting Lunches, Snacks and/or Supplies These bags are durable enough to resist some moisture, which makes them really useful for toting lunches and snacks. If you do not want to carry a lunch satchel, bucket, box, or pail and would rather look like you just came from Tiffany’s, then put your lunch in a Eurotote. You can also carry snacks and work or school supplies in these bags. For more information, talk to a professional like The Bag...

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Paper Versus Virtual: Why Traditional Wedding Invitations Still Rule

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Weddings are time consuming and emotionally exhausting to plan and even simple celebrations are surprisingly expensive. Overworked brides-to-be are happy to find ways to cut corners if they know it will not affect the final outcome. One of those corners should not be paper wedding invitations. Email may be faster and easier, but there are reasons why this is not the best method.  Not everyone is online. It is not just elderly relatives that may lack an email address. Believe it or not, some people only use the Internet sparingly. A research poll revealed that 15 percent of Americans do not use the Internet at all. If a guest list contains 200 people, that could be 30 that cannot be contacted in this manner.  Collecting emails takes as much time as street addresses. Amassing a large list of new email addresses is not any simpler than getting mailing addresses. In fact, it may even be more challenging because finding physical addresses for people in many smaller towns and rural areas is possible online. Getting  email addresses will mean contacting a lot of people directly.  It may disappear into a spam folder. Even once the email address is supplied, the recipient may never see it. There are many email accounts that ship everything remotely unique to spam folders and unless the person is aware it is on the way and checking their email daily for an invitation, they may never realize one was sent.  Online invitations lack a personal touch. There is a very big difference between receiving a wedding invitation and getting an online invite. Wedding invitations are printed on lovely card stock. The raised print and beautiful script are unlike the majority of print mail people receive. It is personal and special. Email invitations may have the same love and appreciation behind them, but they are much less personal to many. In addition, they might seem lazier and as if the sender did not put much thought into them. Paper invitations are a beautiful memento. Nearly every bride keeps a copy of the wedding invitation as a part of their scrapbook. A printed-out email is not a good replacement. Years down the road the invitation will become a piece of history to a descendant and it should be something they can admire and appreciate.  It is understandable that anyone would want to save time and money during their wedding planning, but there are many other places where cutting corners is less noticed. If saving paper is the concern, consider compromising. Instead of including an RSVP card, set up a wedding website that people can log into to select their meal choice and let the couple know how many are attending. The website can also include directions to the church or event center, information about local hotels and much more. For those lacking the Internet, make certain a phone number is included as an alternative. Contact a local printing service, such as Print Source, when you’re ready to get your invitations...

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3 Tips For Designing A Food Label For Your Children’s Food Product

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If you have come up with a food product that is targeted for kids, you might be concerned about coming up with advertising that will work. One thing that you should put a focus on is your food label, so follow these tips to help ensure that you design a food label that will really help you amp up the sales in the children’s market. 1. Make Nutrition Information Easy to Find Remember that the kids won’t be the only ones who are looking at your product and its label — parents will be, too. Make sure that nutrition information is easy to find, and put a spotlight on any positive health benefits that your food product might have, such as if it offers entire servings of fruits and/or vegetables. You’ll want it to be easy for parents to see the nutrition information for your food product and to approve of it if you want to make sales. 2. Use Bright Colors Using the right colors is important when packaging any type of product, and it’s particularly important when you’re packaging food products for kids. Kids’ eyes are sure to wander to colorful packaging more quickly than packaging that is neutral and boring, so get crazy when adding color — you’ll want to stand out against any other food products that your products might be competing with on the shelf. Along with using bright colors, you can also consider using patterns or characters to call additional attention to your products. 3. Keep Words and Phrases Simple For kids that are just learning how to read, or those who are hurrying along and trying to keep up with their busy parents during a grocery store visit, it can be tough to really digest a long and complicated food label. This is why you will want to keep words and phrases as simple as possible. Avoid using words that might be too complicated for kids in the age group that you are targeting, and make sure that the words and phrases are easy to read. You want to focus on making your food products fun and exciting for kids, not confusing or overwhelming. As you can see, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when thinking of a label layout design for your children’s food product. Follow these tips, and you might be surprised by the number of sales that your packaging will help you...

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Everything You Need To Know About Screen Printing

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According to the Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center, screen printing is considered to be the most versatile type of printing technique there is. In fact, it is a very common technique when you need to transfer a graphic from paper to a piece of clothing or some other fabric. The process involves a mesh screen the pattern is stenciled to that is then placed on the fabric. Finally, a roller pressed paint through the holes of the pattern to transfer the image to the fabric. If you are thinking about using screen printing, it may be beneficial to learn more about it. History of Screen Printing Screen printing dates as far back as the Song Dynasty during 960 AD. The earliest form of a process similar to screen printing dates all the way back to prehistoric times when pictures were found on cave walls. During the prehistoric period, stencils were made by hand to create these pictures on the cave walls. Today, screen printing is utilized to create clothing, blankets, posters, and signs. Various Screen Printing Techniques As printing has progressed and developed, there have been tons of different techniques created which use stenciled designs. Crude stenciling, for example, involves cutting a pattern out of a non-porous material and pressing it to the medium where the image is intended to go. Today, screen printing utilizes a technique called photo emulsion. The process requires the use of tracing paper or an acetate with a screen coated in emulsion. Emulsion being a fancy term that means nothing more than two or more liquids (or paints). An ultraviolet light is used to harden the emulsion in place. This form of screen printing is extremely popular because of how detailed and accurate the end results are. Exploring the Benefits of Screen Printing The largest benefit to screen printing is the speed and precision of the technique. If you needed to mass produce t-shirts or blankets with graphics, this is the best printing technique to get the job done right. After the print screen is created, you can use it to make hundreds of individual prints on just about any medium. Screen printing is also an ideal choice because it is very versatile. This just means you are not limited to paper printing. In fact, this technique tends to work better on non-paper mediums. Fabric, wood, metal, and ceramics all make great mediums for screen printing. While fabric and clothing tends to be the most popular medium for this type of printing, it is far from being the only...

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2 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Home Business

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If you have just started a home business, you might not know what to do in order to take your business to the next level. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take that will help you to grow your business. Use the following tips to help expand your business. Start a Blog One way to get more clients or customers is to have an internet presence. One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert in your particular field is to start a blog. When others see you as an authority, they are going to feel more comfortable hiring you to do work or buying products from you. On your blog, you can offer behind-the-scenes looks at what you do, offer tips, or talk about current events in your industry. Be sure to leave room for, and respond to, comments from readers. Some of them may indeed be future buyers or clients. Give Out Business Cards All of your efforts should not be online. Remember that you have a good chance of getting customers or clients in your local area. One way to do that is with your business cards. You might overlook is how effective a well-made business card can be. Giving someone your business card can help them to retain all relevant information about you and your business if they ever need the kinds of products or services you offer. Business cards can also be passed to colleagues and friends of the person you give it to; your card could pass hands many times and result in a good number of new clients or purchases. When you design your business cards, be sure that it is compatible with all your other marketing materials so that it fits well with your overall brand. Avoid trying to be mysterious or too cute with your cards. For instance, it is probably not a very good idea to give out cards with your name and a made-up title without any other information. Be professional and offer the basic information that others need if they want to buy from you or consult you for work. Once you have a solid design, order premium business cards on high-quality paper (from companies like 4 Color Print) and distribute them at conventions, craft fairs and corporate events. Now that you have some direction, use the tips above to help you start to grow your home business. Be sure to consult corporate vendors and others in the field for more information about steps you can...

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3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Rack Cards

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Rack cards can be the perfect promotional material for a host of different businesses. They are small enough that they aren’t overwhelming, but they are big enough that they can command attention and provide information. Plus, they fit perfectly in promotional racks and can be placed in all different places for advertising purposes. If you are simply designing simple rack cards, however, you might be missing out on some opportunities to get even more out of them. These are a few ways that you can take your rack cards up a notch and enjoy better promotional opportunities because of it. 1. Turn Them Into Postcards Have you ever considered turning your rack cards into postcards? Then, they can do double-duty because you can place them in racks and mail them out to people on your mailing list. Plus, the people who come across them might also use them as postcards to send notes to their loved ones. Let your printing company know that you would like to turn your rack cards into postcards so that the proper steps can be taken, such as creating address fields, leaving room for a stamp and putting all of the print on one side of the card so that it doesn’t interfere with its use as a postcard. 2. Add Coupons People love saving money. One way to make your rack cards stand out against other rack cards in the same rack is to add coupons that people can tear or cut off of the card. You don’t have to offer a huge savings, but even a small perk can help bring people in and can make your rack cards a lot more noticeable. 3. Add Customized Photos You can use stock images on your rack cards, which can be a much better choice than only using colors and text. However, an even better choice can be to add customized photos. Your printing company should be able to put just about any photograph on your cards, so take the time to take high-quality pictures of your place of business or some of the products that you sell. This can give your rack cards a more personalized look and can make them more interesting to potential customers. Rack cards can be placed in hotels, visitor’s centers and many other places, and they can be great for bringing in business. If you want to make the most out of them, consider these three tips. If you work with the right printing company, this shouldn’t be any problem.  To learn more, visit a website...

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4 Ways To Advertise Your Restaurant Business

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If you are a new restaurant owner, then you need to build loyal customer base. Some new restaurants are not successful because potential customers do not know the business exist. Here are four ways to advertise your restaurant. Insert Printing An insert card is created through insert printing. Insert printing is a form of print advertising. It is usually found in a newspaper, magazine or some other news publication. Distributing insert cards for businesses is one of the main source of incomes for non-subscription local newspapers. Creating insert cards for your restaurant is a way to attract customers. The insert card should have your location, hours and a menu on the back. The menu is a very important part of this type of advertisement. Many customers are not willing to visit a restaurant without knowing the prices and menu items. An insert advertisement makes your business known to your local community. Contact a local printer, like Flottman Company, for help. Partner With Local Food Bloggers Food bloggers enjoy writing about restaurants and eating good food. You should ask the food bloggers in your local area to review your restaurant. In exchange for the review, you can give the blogger a free meal. This type of advertising improves your website rankings and builds a reputation for your business. Advertise On The Radio Station Advertising on a radio station is a way to grow your customer base. If you are working with a small budget, then this is a very affordable approach. Radio stations are always putting on events in their local community. You can offer to provide the food in exchange for exposure to the radio station’s fan base.   Fish Bowl Business Card Giveaways A fish bowl giveaway is when customers drop their business cards in a bowl for a raffle. The reward can vary for this type of event. You can offer free drinks, cater a lunch for an office party, or offer a free lunch for the winner. The business cards are also useful for following up with the customers. Most business cards have email addresses. This information can be used to email customers about discounts and upcoming events. It is essential to your success to advertise your business. You also want to make a lasting impression by providing good service and excellent food. Customers are willing to travel long distance when a restaurant has good food. It helps to understand that there are affordable ways to advertise a restaurant...

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Marketing Ideas For A New Landscaping Business

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Starting your new landscaping service requires more than just the right equipment and knowledge; you also need to build up a customer base. Standard advertising venues may not be suitable for your business, especially when you’re first getting started. Fortunately, you can implement a successful advertising campaign on a budget with just a few key printed materials. #1: Start With Your Brand There’s a million landscaping businesses out there, so you need to narrow down to your main selling point. What do you offer that the other guys don’t, or what do you do better? For example, your main selling point may be your tree trimming services, all-inclusive lawn care packages, or pet- and child-safe fertilizing service. Once you have focused on what helps you stand apart from the crowd, develop a logo. Generally, people forget names but they usually remember images and logos. Creating a logo that incorporates your landscaping business name into a memorable image will give you an edge over the competitors that simply emblazon everything with just their name in a stock font. You will use this logo on all printed materials, which will build up your brand so it’s instantly recognizable. #2: Take It to the Neighborhood Television, radio, and online advertisements may reach a wide audience, but they are both expensive and not always profitable. These types of ads cast a wide net but only catch a few fish. When you’re a small start-up in the landscaping industry, it’s often better to cast a smaller marketing net into an area with many potential customers instead. Professional fliers, hand delivered to each door or mailed out to your target market. If you go with fliers, look at the door hanger options offered by your printer. These stay in place and don’t blow away. You don’t want to accidentally litter in your potential customer’s yard. Glossy, full color printing is more eye catching and professional looking, so it’s worth the extra expense. To better pinpoint your customer base, include neighborhood-specific coupon codes for a landscaping service on each flier. This allows you to quickly track which marketing materials  are working and which neighborhoods are most open to your services. #3: Go Beyond Fliers Fliers are great for getting your business name out there, but they don’t encourage upselling. Put together a brochure with all of your services, including prices. Tri-fold brochures are cost effective and they give you plenty of room to detail all of your services. Most printers can keep your information on file, so it only takes a quick phone call to update the prices and services in your brochure next season. When setting up service calls with a new client, leave them with a brochure. Take a few moments to highlight recommended services with them. They may not want their shrubs trimmed right now, but your brochure will serve as a reminder if they decide to add this service later. #4: Encourage Word of Mouth Good service that is promptly done will encourage customers to recommend you, as will leaving brochures behind. You can further encourage word of mouth advertising with the simple business card. Ask your print shop for double sided cards one side is a business card and the other is an appointment or service reminder card. Combining the...

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Common Roll Laminator Problems And Their Cause

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If you are fighting with your roll laminators to get a high-quality lamination job, then you have come to the right place! Listed below are the most common roll laminator problems, short explanations about their root cause, and how you can fix the problems: Laminated Surface Rolls or Curls If your roll laminator is producing prints which are curling or rolling, then the feed speed is likely set too high. By lowering the feed speed setting, you can stop the prints from curling. Curling can also be caused by back rollers that have their tension level set too high. Reducing the back roller tension can stop the curling problem. Laminated Surface is Cloudy If your laminated surface appears cloudy, then the temperature setting is set too low. The cloudiness is caused by the inability of the lamination material to completely melt before application. To fix this problem, simply turn up the temperature setting on your machine. Make sure that you wait a few minutes before attempting to laminate, to give the machine a chance to heat. Laminated Product Contains Dust Particles If your laminated product contains dust particles between the lamination material’s surface and the paper, then you should check the PCR roller for damage. If the PCR roller is damaged or spent, then you should replace it with a new one. The new roller will collect all of the dust off of your print surfaces before they are laminated. Printed Surface Color is Not Vibrant If your roll laminator is not giving a vibrant color result, then you should check to make sure that the printing temperature is set at a high enough level. A low setting will result in images that are not vibrant and have a washed-out look to them. Conversely, if the printed area is too vibrant, then the temperature should be lowered. Printed Design is Not Straight If your printed designs are coming out of the roll laminator at an angle, then you should check the laminator’s feed unit. If the feed unit is not feeding the lamination material into the machine correctly, then the result is a design that has been skewed during the lamination process. Final Thoughts By understanding the cause of your roll laminator issue, you will be able to either fix the problem yourself or better explain it to your repair technician. If you need additional information about roll laminators or other printing services, you should contact your supplier for more...

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