Direct Mail Printing Tips


High resolution printing capabilities and a carefully thought out layout are essential parts of a direct mail printing project. You may be inclined to reach out to your target audience this holiday season. Use a mail printing service to guide you in preparing a batch of direct mail pieces.

The Printing Process

Before you select custom features for the direct mail pieces that are going to be created, learn about the printing process and how it could impact the people on your target audience list. A printing business will most likely use an online printing program to provide advertisements, holiday cards, and thank you notes with quality imaging. A printing program may rely upon the use of digital technology.

Rich colors, a glossy sheen, and realistic imagery can make a piece of mail stand out. During your consultation with a printer, you may get some ideas about how to customize the pieces of mail. A printing associate will provide pricing details for a print job. Products that are going to be mass produced and mailed out to a large group of people may be able to be prepared onsite. Some printing companies may offer a direct mail service. This will allow all of your printed products to be prepared and sent out from the same address.

The Artwork

Before you have items printed, you will need to consider the type of paper that will be used for printing and will need to choose the layout of the pictures and words that will be featured on each piece of mail. A print shop may sell card stock, legal-sized paper products, business cards, and greeting cards. A printing associate can help you choose artwork that will be representative to your brand name. They can provide advice about the wording that will be added to each piece of mail.

You may want to avoid using gimmicky slogans. Wording should be spaced out enough so that each recipient can clearly scan what is printed on a piece of mail. If you are going to be sending holiday cards or thank you notes, keeping your message short and to the point will be helpful.

Before the print job is conducted, you will have the opportunity to view a sample printout that showcases the artwork that you have selected. Direct mail pieces can be mailed out independently or can be paired with a gift or a promotional item that you will be sending to each person on your mailing list.


21 October 2022

Talking About Printing Flyers

Hello, I'm Cass O'Connell. In an effort to maintain a decent sized customer base, I always send out flyers to new areas around my region. I pick the areas according to the demographic description provided by my state. I have a specific range of customers I want to attract. The flyers I use are printed by a professional company that offers a wide variety of paper and ink types. The flyers are also designed by that same entity. All of the artwork used on the flyers beautifully encapsulates the purpose of my company. I would like to share my experience with using printing services for my flyer needs. I will talk about the materials, tools and techniques used to print my flyers. Thank you.