Pop-Up Fabric Banner Displays For Trade Show Booths


If you do trade shows, then you want to look for ways to make each show as successful for your company as possible. There are a lot of materials and supplies that you can have printed that will help you to create an exciting, informative, professional, and popular booth. One thing you should learn more about that can help with your booth's presence is a pop-up fabric banner display. Here is more on this type of display that you want to know about: 

The basics of a pop-up fabric banner display

A pop-up banner display is a custom-printed fabric display that is attached to a frame that's been specially designed to open and set up quickly. A pop-up banner can even be set up by one person. These displays can come in many sizes, but it's a good idea to have at least one that's very large. This way, it can serve as one of the main visual components of your booth that can be seen from a good distance away. When it's time to leave, the pop-up banner display will be just as easy to close. 

Some tips for the design of your pop-up fabric banner display

When you are coming up with the design of your pop-up banner, you want it to have a clean design that's easy to decipher from far away. Your name and logo should be large. Also, you want to have important information printed on it that breaks things down in a simple format. People should be able to take in all the information on the banner with just a glance. This is how you can use it to draw more people to your booth. If the design is too complicated, then they may just look past it and pass right by your booth at the same time. 

An example of a good design would be a banner with a company name and logo that are done in the same colors you use on your advertising and other materials. If you sell cups, then there should be a large picture of your cups as well. You can have a few descriptive words printed near the cups. If your cups are eco-friendly, collapsible, and insulated, then those would be the three words you want to be printed on the banner in a large and easy-to-read font. 

Some benefits of using pop-up fabric banner displays

One of the biggest benefits of using a pop-up fabric banner display is that they are highly effective and can help you get much more attention for your booth. Also, they simplify the setup and break down process. The banner displays will also break down to a much smaller size, so the banner display won't take up a lot of room. These displays are also durable, so you can use the same one for a long time before it starts to show signs of wear and needs to be replaced. 


8 August 2022

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