Why Custom Screen Printing Often Strikes The Right Balance For Customers


Screen printing is one of the most common ways individuals and organizations produce posters, shirts, and other items. Custom screen printing is popular because it strikes an excellent balance. Here is how the process does this.

Making Complex Ideas Simple

Typical screen printing projects use layers of individual colors. You can produce simple images using one or two colors, or you can add layers upon layers to get what are often detailed results. Most modern printing companies use color processes to produce the layers in computer design programs. They can then separate the colors from the images to determine which layers they should print and in what order. Even if you want to create a complex image, this approach makes the production process simple.


Especially with the rise of computer software for printing, it has become easier to customize products. If a customer wants to put their art on a T-shirt for a band, for example, they can load the digital art files, do the separations, and quickly develop proofs. From there, it's just a small step to create a template and start printing.


When you do a custom product screen printing project, the company usually maintains the templates. This allows them to rapidly scale new production. A small company creating artwork for the consumer market, for example, might start out with production runs of below 100 items. If their work takes off, though, the custom screen printing firm can scale production significantly and quickly. This makes screen printing appealing to individuals who may need to start small.


Another benefit is the ability to come back to the templates again and again. Perhaps a local baseball league wants to have uniforms for each season. They can develop a core template with an eye toward reuse. Each season, the printing company will dust off the template and then incorporate players' numbers and names. You can expect the same quality of product year in and out.

Quality Range

Particularly when you're trying to merchandise a brand or product, the ability to produce several quality tiers is big. You might want to have a single-color print to serve one tier and more complex processes to provide for another.

For example, a local water park might want to have shirts available for customers at three different price points. Customers can pick and choose from the range of options, allowing you to serve multiple demographics without investing massively in generating many versions.

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22 November 2021

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