Get Custom-Printed T-Shirts for These Important Family Events


When you devote time and effort to planning events for your family members, you may focus heavily on decorations and the menu. It's also worth thinking about what people will be wearing. While party hats and other such items can definitely add cheer to the gathering, it's also fun to introduce some T-shirts that you've had custom made for people to wear. The guest(s) of honor will appreciate this thoughtful accessory, as will the others in attendance — and everyone will get to take his or her T-shirt home to wear afterward. The affordability of custom T-shirts and the ease with which you can order them online means you can incorporate this garment into the following family gatherings.

Retirement Party

A retirement party is an ideal gathering at which to introduce a custom T-shirt for the guest of honor and any other family members who may enjoy wearing a custom shirt. For the retiree's shirt, you can include his or her name, the date of retirement, the theme of the party, and the years that the person worked for his or her company. You may wish mimic a sports jersey — for example, put a large number on the rear of the shirt that represents the last two digits of the current year or the number of years that the person worked for the company.

Engagement Party

If a loved one has gotten engaged and you're throwing the party, custom T-shirts for the newly engaged couple is a fun way to celebrate. These shirts can include the date of their engagement and a message of your best wishes. If one person will be changing his or her name upon marriage, you can include a fun slogan such as, "The Future Mrs. Johnson." You may also wish to create and order custom T-shirts for other family members, including the parents of the bride and the best man.

Graduation Party

If you're hosting a graduation party for your child, a custom T-shirt is the perfect thing for him or her to wear for the occasion. Make sure that your custom T-shirt design includes the person's school name and graduation year. You may also wish to list the various achievements that the person accomplished during high school or college, as well as the extracurricular activities in which he or she participated. These could include the drama club, concert band, basketball team, debate club, or other similar groups.

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13 February 2017

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