3 Tips For Designing A Food Label For Your Children's Food Product


If you have come up with a food product that is targeted for kids, you might be concerned about coming up with advertising that will work. One thing that you should put a focus on is your food label, so follow these tips to help ensure that you design a food label that will really help you amp up the sales in the children's market.

1. Make Nutrition Information Easy to Find

Remember that the kids won't be the only ones who are looking at your product and its label -- parents will be, too. Make sure that nutrition information is easy to find, and put a spotlight on any positive health benefits that your food product might have, such as if it offers entire servings of fruits and/or vegetables. You'll want it to be easy for parents to see the nutrition information for your food product and to approve of it if you want to make sales.

2. Use Bright Colors

Using the right colors is important when packaging any type of product, and it's particularly important when you're packaging food products for kids. Kids' eyes are sure to wander to colorful packaging more quickly than packaging that is neutral and boring, so get crazy when adding color -- you'll want to stand out against any other food products that your products might be competing with on the shelf. Along with using bright colors, you can also consider using patterns or characters to call additional attention to your products.

3. Keep Words and Phrases Simple

For kids that are just learning how to read, or those who are hurrying along and trying to keep up with their busy parents during a grocery store visit, it can be tough to really digest a long and complicated food label. This is why you will want to keep words and phrases as simple as possible. Avoid using words that might be too complicated for kids in the age group that you are targeting, and make sure that the words and phrases are easy to read. You want to focus on making your food products fun and exciting for kids, not confusing or overwhelming.

As you can see, there are a few things that you'll want to keep in mind when thinking of a label layout design for your children's food product. Follow these tips, and you might be surprised by the number of sales that your packaging will help you make.


15 July 2016

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