Preparing Your Resume With A Good Presentation In Mind


When it comes to preparing a great resume, content is only half of the equation. The presentation of the resume is the other important factor. Employers want to be impressed when they review your resume—not just by your education and work experience, but also the thought you put into preparing this document. Choosing the appropriate type of paper will serve as step one in preparing a resume that will impress.


Consider the weight of the paper. Don't print a resume on lightweight paper. Popular lightweight options, like 16-pound and 20-pound are so thin that text can bleed through from the opposite side of the paper. If you have text printed on the back of your resume, this will make it difficult to read.

When choosing paper, look for a paper option that is at least 24-pound. Heavier paper eliminates transparency and is more durable. Should your resume need to be passed around to different staff members within an office, a heavier paper weight is less likely to rip or tear from frequent handling.


When most people think of a resume, they think plain white paper. While this is the standard, it is not the only option. There are a number of other shades of white that can be just as professional, but can also make you stand out.

Eggshell, almond and cream are just a few of the alternative white options that you can print your resume on without risking unprofessionalism. This shows potential employers that you put a great deal of thought into preparing your resume. If you're applying for a job that requires a high level of creativity, experimenting with color selection can work in your favor.

Consider a Professional

Your resume isn't just a list of your skills and qualifications, but it's often the first impression potential employers get of you. You want to make both a lasting and good impression. A professional printing service can ensure that your resume is both professional and impressive. A print service can help you with choosing the right paper, font styles and color selections that will make your resume stand out from the rest of the pack.

The success of a resume is largely dependent on how positively it reflects you. The more time and the more effort you put into preparing your resume, the better the outcome. Make sure your resume is one that reflects you in both a positive and professional light.


16 March 2015

Talking About Printing Flyers

Hello, I'm Cass O'Connell. In an effort to maintain a decent sized customer base, I always send out flyers to new areas around my region. I pick the areas according to the demographic description provided by my state. I have a specific range of customers I want to attract. The flyers I use are printed by a professional company that offers a wide variety of paper and ink types. The flyers are also designed by that same entity. All of the artwork used on the flyers beautifully encapsulates the purpose of my company. I would like to share my experience with using printing services for my flyer needs. I will talk about the materials, tools and techniques used to print my flyers. Thank you.