3 Tips To Save Money On Offset Printing


Although you might have heard a lot of benefits about digital printing, there are many reasons why you might prefer offset printing for your printed business materials. For example, there is often more flexibility with offset printing, and you can enjoy higher-quality prints. Unfortunately, offset printing can cost quite a bit more than digital printing, but there are ways to cut costs. If you follow these three tips next time you use offset printing, you can save a bundle while still enjoying high-quality printed materials.

1. Order in Bulk

With digital printing, you can usually have things printed off as you need them without incurring a high cost. This isn't the case with offset printing, however, and you can pay a lot more for your prints if you don't have them done in bulk. Go ahead and order all of the prints that you think you will need at once to enjoy a lower cost per item.

2. Choose a Lighter Paper

One of the joys of offset printing is the fact that you often have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to choosing the material that your prints will be printed on. Don't be swayed by overly heavy, glossy and expensive paper, however. Although the paper that your materials are printed on does make a difference, cheaper paper can be just fine for most projects. By choosing a lighter, cheaper paper, you can instantly reduce the cost of your project quite substantially.

3. Order Well in Advance

As you probably already know, offset printing can come with a longer turnaround time than digital printing does. It's a more involved process, so it can take longer for your printing company to get it done. If you are on a tight deadline, the printing company might be able to get it done more quickly for you, but this can come with a higher charge. To avoid this cost, make sure that you plan out your printing projects well in advance. Then, you can have your printed materials ready in time without having to pay a premium service fee.

Offset printing can be more costly than digital printing, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth it. Plus, if you remember these three tips when placing your next order, you can help bring the cost down. Then, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of offset printing without having to pay to pay a premium price for it.


16 March 2015

Talking About Printing Flyers

Hello, I'm Cass O'Connell. In an effort to maintain a decent sized customer base, I always send out flyers to new areas around my region. I pick the areas according to the demographic description provided by my state. I have a specific range of customers I want to attract. The flyers I use are printed by a professional company that offers a wide variety of paper and ink types. The flyers are also designed by that same entity. All of the artwork used on the flyers beautifully encapsulates the purpose of my company. I would like to share my experience with using printing services for my flyer needs. I will talk about the materials, tools and techniques used to print my flyers. Thank you.