Art And Decor Tips For Your Baby's Nursery


Decorating your baby's nursery is an excitement-filled labor of love. From the furniture to the color of the walls, you want everything to be just perfect. When it comes to selecting the artwork and adding those final details, choices go beyond just appearances:

Put Safety First

All decor items, whether for the top of the dresser or for display on the wall, must be safe. Soft toys and non-breakable items are the best choice for display items and storage. Anything that may pose a breaking or choking hazard must be placed well out of the child's reach.

You may think that artwork on the walls doesn't need to meet these standards, but you will be surprised at the things your child can get to once they begin to enter the toddler years. Avoid artwork in glass frames, as these pose a breaking and injury hazard. All it takes is one wayward toss of a ball or toy to send the photo crashing down. Instead, opt for acrylic or metal photo prints – these are both break-resistant.

Consider the Clean-Up

Kids are messy, so everything in a baby's room needs to be easy to clean and maintain. Items you can quickly wipe down or toss in the washing machine are much preferred to fussy things that require spot cleaning or dry cleaning.

Even if artwork is hung well above a child's reach, you will need to dust it and occasionally sterilize it (especially during cold and flu season). Although canvas art can be attractive, it's also difficult to clean. If you prefer texture to your artwork and aren't a fan of the glossy look of framed or acrylic prints, opt for metal. Metal prints reflect light in a unique manner, which gives them a textured look of depth. Even better, you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Think to the Future

Your baby won't stay little forever. The toys and small items that adorn the room will likely wear out, be passed on, or kept as mementos. Outgrown artwork may just end up taking up space, though. One way you can avoid this is to choose prints that aren't too babycentric or which you wouldn't mind displaying in other parts of your home.

One idea is to use tasteful or fun family prints to adorn the walls, such as a metal or acrylic print of mom & dad, siblings, or grandparents. If you prefer a themed nursery, opt for real photographs. For example, use actual flower photography for a garden them, or National Geographic quality animal photos for a zoo theme. Using actual photographs ensures the art isn't too baby-ish or immature for future use.


13 March 2015

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