Printing Name Badges For Employees? Here's How To Cut Costs


If you are in need of name badges for the employees who work at your company, you could be concerned that it will cost a lot to have them made. Luckily, you don't have to go broke to purchase name badges for your employees. Give a few of these tips a try, and you may be able to save more than you think while still ending up with the high-quality name badges that you need.

Consider Laminated Paper Instead

Thick plastic cards can be more durable, but if you're on a tight budget, you can always have name badges printed on regular printer paper. Then, you can laminate the badges to help make them more durable. Although this might not be the best option in the long term, it's a great way to get the name badges that you need now for a fraction of the price.

Hire a Professional Printing Company

You can purchase software and machinery to print out your own name badges, but this isn't necessarily recommended. Unless you will be using the equipment on a regular basis, it can often be much cheaper to have your name badges made by a plastic card printing company. Not only will you not have to worry about purchasing pricey equipment, but you can also often enjoy a higher-quality name badge as well.

Keep it Simple

The simpler that you keep your printed name badges, the cheaper they will be. Simply adding your company's logo, your employee's name and the employee's picture to them should be sufficient. If you start adding in more coloring and more pictures, you can expect to pay more for each badge. Also, consider having everyone's name badge made similarly; if the company can use the same template for each badge, you probably won't have to pay as much per unit.

Name badges for employees are considered important at many places of business. You could want to ensure that everyone has a name badge for safety purposes; then, it'll be easy to identify who does and does not belong in the building. Name badges can also make it easier for customers and other employees to interact with the people who work for you. If you're worried about the cost of printing name badges for all of your employees, you shouldn't be. Good printing companies typically offer rather reasonable rates for these services, so you probably won't have to spend as much as you think.


11 March 2015

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