Three Uses For Matte-Laminated Eurototes (AKA, Gift Bags)


When you change the name of a product, consumers are often confused. They may be looking for one product (e.g., gift bags) and be directed toward another (e.g., "Eurototes"). While the moniker "Eurototes" understandably elevates this basic paper product from a decorative paper bag to something more, it leaves consumers like yourself wondering what you can use Eurototes for. In addition to this new conundrum, many Eurototes are imprinted with business names, such a chocolate shops and lingerie stores, leaving you a little more confused about what to use the bags for after you have brought products home in them. Here are a few uses for these bags after you have acquired them from previous purchases.

Reuse Them for the Stores You Frequent

When you shop a certain store often, such as a chocolate shop, you may end up with several of these Eurototes. Rather than continue to accumulate them, take one or more back with you to the same store when you know you will be shopping there again. Many grocery stores support the reuse of canvas, paper, or plastic grocery bags, so it is not unusual to be reusing the bags you get.

Use Them for Their Original Purpose--Gift Bags

Most of these Eurototes are made of the same papers and cardstock as gift bags you buy at a card shop. You can repurpose the Eurototes for their original purpose as gift bags. If you already use these items to give gifts from the shops imprinted on the bags, then it is not a far stretch to just use the bags for gifts not bought or sold at the stores on the bags. If you are concerned that the receiver of the gift may think that your gift came from that store, you can always turn a Eurotote inside out so that the colors, patterns and store labels are inside the bag and a plain white bag (or other solid color) is now on the outside.

Toting Lunches, Snacks and/or Supplies

These bags are durable enough to resist some moisture, which makes them really useful for toting lunches and snacks. If you do not want to carry a lunch satchel, bucket, box, or pail and would rather look like you just came from Tiffany's, then put your lunch in a Eurotote. You can also carry snacks and work or school supplies in these bags.

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12 October 2016

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